Hidden Hearing Publishes Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Hearing Aids Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/991803#ixzz2Gpq735G5

 Due to an increase in enquires about the subject, Hidden Hearing has released advice on how to clean and maintain hearing aids, detailing some of the products they sell in their online hearing aid accessories shop to help prevent an ear infection and maintain a hearing aid device:
  •     Hearing aids should be regularly cleaned to remove wax and prevent the risk of bacterial ear infections. Wax can be removed from different parts of the hearing aid with a selection of cheap and affordable tools. A wax loop removes wax from the holes and tubes of hearing aids while a vent cleaner can keep air vents of ear moulds and in-the-ear aids clear from wax and debris. A maintenance tool combines a brush and wax-loop tool with a magnet for easy handling of batteries and small screws.

  •     It is important to keep a hearing aid free of moisture to prolong its lifetime and increase the sound quality. A Dry-aid kit consists of silicon capsules and a tub to absorb moisture while an air ball removes moisture from the ear mould tubing of a BTE hearing aid.

  •     It can be frustrating trying to determine new batteries from old ones when they’re mixed up, battery testers are available on keyrings and are a handy and transportable way of telling them apart. The Rayovac battery tester also has a built in battery holder for storing spare batteries.

With more than 40 years’ experience in treating hearing loss, Hidden Hearing is entrusted with the care of more than 100,000 people each year. The firm has 84 hearing centres across the UK, all catering for a range of needs and budgets. Specialising in hearing tests and hearing aids, the company also offer a variety of hearing aid accessories and in 2005, became the first dedicated hearing retailer to be recognised as an Investor in People.
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