Hidden Hearing Publishes Guide to Installing Hearing Aid

Hidden Hearing has responded to an increase in enquires about how to install hearing aid batteries by publishing a guide to the batteries it sells in its online hearing aid accessories shop.
Hidden Hearing explains:
  •     Hands should be washed before and after installing a new battery as oil on the skin can hamper a battery achieving proper function. The positive side of the battery should match the positive side of the hearing aid.

  •     Once the battery is installed, increase and decrease the volume control to listen to amplified sounds and see if the battery is working properly. You could also check a battery’s power by using a battery checker, also available in the hearing aid accessories shop and on a handy portable key ring.

  •     Hearing aid batteries come in a range of sizes for different types of hearing aids. A blue #675 is for powerful behind-the-ear devices, orange #13 for smaller behind-the-ear devices, brown #312 for in the ear canal devices and yellow #10 for completely in the canal devices.

Hidden Hearing's own batteries are recommended by the leading manufacturers for use by all hearing aid users.
With more than 40 years’ experience in treating hearing loss, Hidden Hearing is entrusted with the care of more than 100,000 people each year. The firm has 84 hearing centres across the UK, all catering for a range of needs and budgets. Specialising in hearing tests and hearing aids, the company also offer a variety of hearing aid accessories and in 2005, became the first dedicated hearing retailer to be recognised as an Investor in People.